Daphaine and Her New Coat by Sharian H. Jacobs

Sharian H. Jacobs’ debut children’s book Daphanie and Her New Coat is out now available on this website and where books are sold.

Daphanie is turning six years old and is given a special birthday gift from her grandmother. The word choice is simple, inspiring, and comprehensible to preschoolers. The illustrations are bright and vivid. Children love it! 

Bethany Hargrove’s illustrations perfectly complement the story. The pictures in this book are beautiful and help create the magical quality the book has. In fact, many parents have told us that their little ones snuggle up so that they could have a better look at the pictures as the story is read to them.

 It is a story of making new friends, learning responsibility, discovering a new gift, and learning to appreciate what you already have and what you are given--all valuable lessons for anyone, not just children.

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