Discussion of Forbes' Article On "Owning Print Books Feels Different From Owning E-Books"

Forbes had recently done an article on the difference from owning print books verses owning e-Books. The article stated:

Researchers from the University of Arizona and Towson University have found that the psychological experience of owning an e-book is significantly different from that of owning a print book. The results of their study into "consumer interpretations of digital ownership in the book market," published in Electronic Markets last month, make clear what many in the publishing industry have long suspected--that owning an e-book just feels different.

The study found that research participants "described being more emotionally attached to physical books, and said they use physical books to establish a sense of self and belonging," according to the University of Arizona. Book lovers have long lamented the loss of "book smell" that accompanies the use of e-books, and participants also touched on other important aspects of book ownership: the use of bookshelves to curate a persona and the ability to augment the pages of a book with marginal notes, in particular.

Ellen Duffer, Forbes Contributor May 28, 2018

Here at Arrie, we want to know your personal opinion. Do you feel there is a difference in owning e-books verses owning print books? Or there isn't  a difference. Let us know in the comments, and you could win a free book from our catalogue. Your choice of an e-book or printed copy. 


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