Finally Charged!

It took 8 long days for the Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to charge the other guilty police officers. He says evidence now supports the stronger charge for Chauvin along with the arrests and charges of the other 3 officers.

Ellison asked the public for more patience as they continue to thoroughly investigate and gather evidence, and issued ominous words of caution — winning a conviction "will be hard."

He says history has shown there will be clear challenges in getting guilty verdicts for the cops but pointed out that his partner on the case, Hennepin Co. Attorney Mike Freeman is the right man for the job becsuse he’s the only lawyer in Minnesota to convict a cop of murder.

The Attorney General also asked anyone who has information about Floyd’s death to come forward, and made it clear he will not rush the case to trial ... because he wants everything to be completely ready to go and as strong as possible when they go to court. Source: TMZ

Here at Arrie Publishing Company, we pray for the convictions of all three men in George Floyd's senseless murder. #murderconviction #georgefloyd #murdererpoliceofficer #guiltyofmurder

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