From Prosperity to Adversity A Memoir By Curtis L. Sangster

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This spellbinding memoir is filled with honesty and self-discovery.

This book so eloquently and honestly explores the complicated and bittersweet of becoming a young marine with emotional anger and bitterness inside of him that hadn't been dealt with in a beneficial way. 

Curtis Sangster tells his story with candor, simplicity and dignity, explaining himself with plain-spoken eloquence, as he shares a remarkable record of a journey to self-knowledge. The story is sensitive, thoughtful and perceptive. This memoir is exceptionally well-written and helps explain the madness that had taken place in his life. This American story which beautifully dramatizes his struggle to be honest with himself, shows his haunting past and what led to his incarceration. His memoir is a tale of triumph over adversity which provides a lesson for people in a new time of challenge and anxiety.

Back Cover Synopsis:

Inspired to enter the U.S. military by his father, an army veteran, Curtis Sangster got in top-notch shape and joined the United States Marines. He assumed that he was physically and mentally prepared to serve his country and face any battle. But to his surprise, during Operation Eastern Exit, the codename given to the military evacuation of the United States Embassy in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, in January 1991, he realized, although he was physically prepared, he wasn't mentally prepared. His emotions were in overdrive. He missed his family, his girlfriend, and his home.

Curtis chronicles with admirable candor his astonishing life story, which involves a troubled childhood, drug addiction, compulsive sexual behavior, a dishonorable discharge, and a prison term. He tells the reader how overcoming psychological trauma changed his life for the better. 

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