Social Distancing??

Dear Reader,

As we reckon with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the months to come, we’re especially appreciative of the attention you’ve given to us in the past ten years. The relationships we’ve formed with our readers and supporters have and will continue to sustain us amid much uncertainty in the future. Although we aren't physically in public life, we’re reflecting on the work we’ve done so far, and the work we hope to do in the future. Each day, we figure out what to do. We are all? vulnerable during this crisis.

At the moment, we, at Arrie Publishing Company, are fortunate. Although we’re vulnerable, we’re able to continue with our work. And we’re grateful to feel that our work might help entertain you during these dark times and uncertainty. 

While society cares for itself/each other, we’ll begin to publish more books we think our many readers will enjoy. And as always, we want your opinion, so please write reviews. We're also starting to publish audio books. So whatever the distance, we will not be in isolation. We hope you feel the same, too.

The Editors

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