Spending Quality Time with Your Children During This Coronavirus Pandemic

For the first time in a long time, many parents are able to spend time with their children who are required to stay at home due to school closures because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many children are excited to finally spend time with their parents. Many families are able to walk the dog, exercise, read, and watch television together. Also, studies have shown there are lots of positives for people who are spending some of their workweek at home during these unusual times.

Benefits include not having to commute to work, being able to manage your work and life responsibilities better, being less stressed, and having greater wellbeing.

However, there is a downside for some parents who are struggling to keep their bored children entertained. Experts say parents should stick to a schedule that closely relates to their child's school schedule as possible. This will keep their child busy and motivated during this time away from school. 

Emma Murphy, a primary school teacher in Milton Keynes, a town in Buckinghamshire in South East England, said, "If you can stick to the 9 am – 3 pm time for working, with a mid-morning break and a lunchtime break, that will help keep kids motivated. It’s also important to get them outside for some physical activity during this time if you can."

Emma added: "In the times they aren’t doing schoolwork, there are lots of crafts and reading they can do to keep them occupied."


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