Stay Safe Because The Coronavirus is Still Among Us

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Are you taking the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, seriously? I hope the answer is yes. However, in the current state of the world, you're bound to have someone in your life who is just not taking the virus and the precautions to slow the spread of it seriously.

Essentials needed during this pandemic are face masks, social distancing, isolation, limited exposure to public settings, and watching news-updates on the virus. 

Following the strongly-encouraged recommendations from the world’s leading health officials is still a choice. 

Although it isn't your job to teach to others about what they should be doing or shouldn't be doing, because you can only control what you are doing, let them know what you are and aren't comfortable with.

News fatigue is a universal experience during times of global unrest, especially when things change by the day, the hour, and the minute. Yet, turning a blind eye to the news, to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to your local government, and to the federal government is not the answer because this is about EVERYONE. Ignoring the conventional wisdom of this pandemic because you’re not in a high-risk category or because you’re not afraid of getting sick is not a valid excuse. The behaviors of just one individual can have massive effects on others. Again, you’re putting others in your community at risk. This isn’t just about one’s personal health and well-being. It’s about everyone. Without consistent efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, this crisis could continue for months even years.

Many of us rely on work, school, fitness, volunteering, hobbies, and religious or spiritual practices to connect with friends, family and people in our communities. Social distancing prohibits most of these activities from happening. And for those without internet access or devices at home, the opportunity to imitate socializing virtually doesn’t exist. However, the sooner we abide by health officials’ pleas to stay safe and informed, the sooner the virus spread will slow and the sooner we can connect with one another again.

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