Why Should A Person Smile Most of the Time

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“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”~Mother Teresa

Why should a person smile most of the time is a great question. The number one reason a person should smile most of the time is for good health. Although our brains are programmed to smile only when we are happy, we should also smile when we are sad, depressed, and bored—smiling cheers you up. A frown doesn't. Another reason we should replace smiling with a frown is that smiling makes us look more attractive. You are already gorgeous. Make yourself appear more beautiful by smiling. Also, smiling makes you a better person. People seemed more attracted to friendly people than people who come across as cold and mean. In addition, smiling makes you better at your job, especially if you're in management. Leaders who come across as nice, get more respect and gifts if it's their birthday or anniversary. So next time you're at work, please smile. Lastly, smiling makes you more productive. You accomplish more when you're in a pleasant mood. When you are angry and depressed, your drive plummets. Be happy and get a lot more done.

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