Potluck for the Spirit Vol. 2 The Rough Road To Grace
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Potluck for the Spirit Vol. 2 The Rough Road To Grace

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Potluck for the Spirit™ books are a collection of fictional, candid, inspirational short stories based on real-life situations. These short stories are heart-felt, funny, thought-provoking, and emotional. They encourage worshiping God. So, sit back and enjoy these stories that are sure to change the way you view life. 

People around the world need encouragement, inspiration and every now and then, a shoulder to cry on when times get tough. Volume 2 The Rough Road To Grace, tells the stories of lives changed by despair. There is tremendous power in what a person believes. The protagonists in each story faith is challenged by unforeseen circumstances. Will they keep the faith or succumb to their heartache. 

 Alicia Perry is the bestselling author of Happiness by Any Means, The Prolific Life of Gloria Jean Stone and other timeless novels. She is the creator of, Potluck for the Spirit™ series. 

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