20/20 Insight & Foresight

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A vivid celebration of life. This photographic memoir, written by a woman who overcame all odds to achieve her dream to become a teacher, is as powerful as it is inspirational. Dr. Hattie N. Washington, affectionately known as Aunt Hattie, is a champion of her own life’s story and a role model for others. The secret to her success is her unique perceptual vision: her 20/20 insight and foresight; thereby, allowing her to be keenly aware of the peaks and valleys of her life which have shaped her into the woman she is today. As she reflects on her past and envisions the future, she makes every effort to prepare to make her future even more meaningful by helping others.

Raised in Meherrin and Norfolk, Virginia, Aunt Hattie grew up experiencing first-hand social injustices and segregation in the Prince Edward County school system in the 1950’s. Still, she didn’t allow those unfortunate circumstances to fracture her self-confidence and sense of self-worth. With the love and support of her devoted family and others, Dr. Washington continued her education in Norfolk at Booker T. Washington High School when her two-room schoolhouse closed in 1959 due to the massive resistance to integration. This driven pursuit led to her becoming a school teacher, an assistant superintendent of Baltimore Public Schools, and ultimately, made history as the first female Vice President of Coppin State University in Baltimore.

She achieved those remarkable feats while being an attentive mother to her two daughters who have turned into accomplished women. One is a physician, and the other is an attorney. Moreover, since graduating from Norfolk State University, Dr. Washington has directed her efforts to the most vulnerable in society, children. She works with children with special needs, specifically black males labeled as behaviorally/emotionally disturbed. In 1997, she opened a nonprofit foster boys’ home called Aunt Hattie’s Place to help young males with special needs, whose families were in crisis and couldn’t take care of them. With her care and guidance, she improved the lives of many foster boys for over 20 years with the assistance of her “village” of supporters.

This book features over 200 photos of Aunt Hattie, her family and friends, historic photos of people who made history and events that impacted her, and others whose lives have been touched by her. She tells her story with tact, humor and realism, while highlighting poignant moments in American history that also took place during her journey to become the phenomenal woman for others to emulate with a heart to “give back” and make a difference in someone’s life.

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