APC Music Division

Arrie Publishing Company Music Division owns and administers song rights and represents the interests of songwriters. Our artistic department will evaluate you and your material. If our artistic department feels confident in working with you, we may propose to you a publishing deal to get your songs placed on albums as well as to network you with A&R individuals and other musical artists. We do not release or distribute albums. We are a publishing company only. Because we are a publishing company, any material that we ask for and is evaluated, will be for consideration of a publishing deal.

Note: We do not accept unsolicited material (i.e., songs, musical compositions, demos). If we receive unsolicited material, we will not view it. It will not be opened. If one of our employees and/or contractors or clients inadvertently opened it, it will not be viewed. If it is sent through electronically, (i.e., email) we will not view the email and the email will be deleted. 

We do accept query letters. The query letters must only include the name of the song, the song's genre, and pertinent information about the lyricist, composer, or songwriter (i.e., full name, contact info, credentials etc.). Or, you can complete the online form below.

Mail Query letters:

Arrie Publishing Company Music Division
1135 Kildaire Farm Road Suite 200
Cary, N.C. 27511 

In order for our lyricists, composers, and songwriters to receive public performance royalties and mechanical royalties, Arrie Publishing Company Music Division joined B.M.I.® (a company that distributes public performance royalties) and THE HARRY FOX AGENCY, INC. (a company that distributes mechanical royalties and synchronization fees).