Denzel Greene


Denzel Greene is a new 22-year-old author from Raleigh, NC. Not only is he an author, he is a local artist, designer, and part-time real estate investor. His artist name is ZellyG which is known by most of his peers. Be sure to check out his upcoming artwork on Instagram under @vaf.platform.

In his new book, Denzel Green inspires not only youth but people in general to think beyond a job when it comes to financial security. He teaches people to consider a lifelong career. His mission is to help readers to create a system that produces generational wealth, allowing them to break the poverty chain, which unfortunately occurs in many of today's families. This book is a quick-to-the-chase book. Denzel gives straight explanatory steps on how to create a system to your side-hustle outside of your 9 to 5.