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From her humble upbringing, Dr. Hattie N. Washington’s life has been a captivating roller coaster of transition and spiritual growth. Her new memoir is gripping, as it is compelling. Born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, she didn’t have parental guidance and still managed to become the first female vice president of Coppin State University.


In her new memoir, Dr. Hattie N. Washington reveals how a country girl succeeded through life with optimism, drive and a belief in God to become an honor student, a teacher, a parent to two achieved daughters, and a foster parent to over one hundred foster boys over a twenty-year period. She writes about family, relationships, and the complexities of growing up during the segregation and desegregation era, where the strike at R.R. Moton High School, in Farmville, Virginia in 1951, led to the closing of her two-room schoolhouse in 1959 for five years and later the historic landmark case, Brown v. Board of Education.

She shares her personal sacrifices and accomplishments in her memoir that overflows with warmth and wit. She also shares the long journey she had starting a non-profit foster boys home in Baltimore, Maryland that she affectionately named Aunt Hattie’s Place, and the challenges of opening a third eco-friendly home for boys in May 2010, in Sandy Spring, Maryland. Unfortunately, the state contract wasn’t renewed and as a result, she has to look for a new residence, because she used her personal home to partially fund the third foster home. She continues to pray for a miracle and keeps a single candle lit in each window of her home as a symbol of hope and faith that someone would want to get involved with this worthy cause of saving foster children who have been abused, neglected and abandoned. She was quoted in a newspaper article, “I would do it again in a heartbeat, because I believe the kids are worth it.”

Dr. Washington’s education includes a BS Degree in Elementary Education from Norfolk State University with a Minor in Special Education; Masters Degree from Ball State University in Counseling Psychology; and a Doctorate from University Of Maryland, College Park in Curriculum and Instruction. She has done further postgraduate study at Glasgow University in Scotland; Harvard University, and Oxford University in London, England. She taught for years in the United States, Scotland and Greece. Dr. Washington was the first female vice president of Coppin State University and prior, she was Assistant Superintendent of Baltimore City Schools, where the Vision of Aunt Hattie’s Place originated. Dr. Washington is a devoted mother of two beautiful daughters and two adorable granddaughters. She resides in Maryland, where she enjoys spending her free time cooking southern cuisine, reading, writing, ballroom dancing, and listening to soft music.

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Her memoir, Driven To Succeed: An Inspirational Memoir of Lessons Learned through Faith, Family and Favor, is on sale.



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