Jessica McQueen

Jessica McQueen was born in Paterson, New Jersey and raised in Sharpsburg, North Carolina. She is a dedicated wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Throughout Jessica’s childhood she dreamt of being a writer. Little did she know, in her later years that would become a reality. Early on, she realized that she loved to help, motivate, and uplift people. Seeing as how words are powerful, she decided that writing would be one of the methods to do so. In 2017, led by the Holy Spirit, Jessica released her first book titled: Sacred Keepsakes, “Life lessons for the Single & Married Woman to Live By.”

In 2019, God begin to reveal to Jessica other books that she would author, but this time in the children’s book arena. These books would seek to connect with children who are or have been abused sexually by anyone from family members to family friends. Jessica, a survivor of child molestation knew how impactful a book of this caliber could be. Unfortunately, issues such as these are not always talked about aloud. They're swept under the rug, and the child is often blamed for the abuser’s inappropriate behavior. However, the intent of this book is to make children feel comfortable enough to speak up and speak out against their abuser, knowing that it was not their fault. Jessica’s hope is that parents are encouraged, as well, to have these uncomfortable conversations with their child as a preventative measure and to be able to inform them what to do or what not to do in case their child is every in this unfortunate situation.