Golden A Novel
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Golden A Novel

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Michelle Mitchell, an Atlanta televangelist's wife, is living the life she has always dreamed of. She resides in a multi-million-dollar mansion, drives a candy-apple red S-Class Mercedes-Maybach, and wears top-designer clothes. She is a role-model to her two teenage daughters and a First Lady to a church congregation of over 30,000 members. Her husband, Bishop Jamaal Mitchell, adores the ground she walks on. But during one Sunday service, while Michelle watches her husband deliver his sermon, she notices a mysterious man staring at her with a sinister-looking smile on his face. Taken aback and slightly frightened, Michelle ignores him. A couple of days later, she is confronted by the mysterious man who tells her things she wanted to remain in the past.

As the noose of scandal and intrigue tightens, will Michelle endure in spite of a tragic mistake she thought was buried deep in her past? Or will she collapse under pressure. The only thing she has to lose is...everything.


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Categories: Fiction, Suspense
Publication date: Coming Soon


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