The Seducer An Erotic Novel
Arrie Publishing Company, LLC.

The Seducer An Erotic Novel

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Aspiring D.C. cardiologist Lee Hunter accepts a lucrative position at a California hospital headed by Sonya Parkinson, a twenty seven year old who took over the position from her father after he died of a massive heart attack. As Lee adjusts to his new life in sunny Beverly Hills California, his wife, Belinda isn't adjusting as well as him. She's encountering frightening events that are warping her sense of reality. When Belinda delivers a stillborn child and more of his patients lose their grip on reality or die, Lee quickly learns the diabolical truth, Sonya Parkinson is head over more than Butler Medical Hospital. She's in control of things not of this world.


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Categories: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Publication date: Coming Soon


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